CFP-E is a European Federation for Commercial Film Producers. The members are the national associations representing commercial film producers. Production companies who are members of a national organisation are automatically 'associated members' of the CFP-E.


News from the Young Directors Awards

Get ready, get set… We’re about to launch our Young Directors Award show with an official Call for Entries next Wednesday 15 April.  Ok, this will be a different version from our usual big splash in the hotel theatre – which will be returning even bigger and better with a new formula next year – but we will be celebrating the winners of our online competition with a lavish party at the Long Beach in Cannes in June. Stand by for more announcements next week. 


World Producers Summit at Adfest

The World Producers Summit, which the CFPE organises with the APA and AICP, will be back at Cannes this year of course. The WPS is now well established at Cannes as the best opportunity for intelligence gathering about the production business.

Adfest is the popular Asian advertising festival, that takes place in Thailand every year and which this year, for the third time,  hosted to a World Producers Summit.

The photo shows some of the participants. It was an interesting session, getting the views on key production issues from producers from Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and other South East Asian countries.

For details of WPS at Cannes, please check our website.



CFPE Meeting in Istanbul

Our CFPE General Assembly in Istanbul was attended by nearly all (eighteen) CFPE members, where we discussed issues for our national association members, feedback on the CFPE events in Cannes- the Young Directors Award and World Producers Summit and planned forthcoming events. Both Cannes events were very successful, with the YDA drawing a capacity audience of 1,000 people to see excellent quality films from new directors. The WPS, which we host with the CFPE and APA, drew 110 production company owners from around the world to share intelligence on key production issues and new developments.

We looked at production issues across Europe and compared different markets and the CFPE adopted the standard NDA and pre PIBS (pre contract) documents created by the APA as standard European documents.

The meeting took place within the Crystal Apple, the leading Turkish advertising festival, and gave CFPE delegates the opportunity to participate in that festival too.

Many thanks for our hosts, the Turkish producers association, for their excellent organisation and generous hospitality.


Norman Bates gives birth to YDA film

Every year we choose a new director to shoot the YDA opening film to a scripted brief from an agency. This year the honour went to Belgian directing duo Norman Bates. We catch up with the young directors and talk about how they created this crazy cgi journey. 

For full interview please click on the picture below.


Porsche International Student Advertising Film Award - last call for Entries!

Only 1 week left! Until Friday, July 18th 2014, students and young filmmakers from around the world are encouraged to submit their creative and innovative productions. 

Fore more info please see Lyndy Stout's Review here

PDF below sums up the essential info about the festival, its jury and the application process. 

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London screening of the winners of Young Directors Award 2014

APA is organising London screening of the winners of CFPE & Shots Young Directors Award 2014 which was held in June in Cannes. The event will be hosted by the APA with Rushes on the 24th July from 1830 at Rushes Roof Deck, 66 Old Compton Street, London W1D 4UH.


World Producers Summit in Cannes- summary, action points and photos

Over 100 representatives of production companies, from 26 countries attended- and at 9am in the morning- shows how important the WPS has become to production companies worldwide.

The fact we get together and share information demonstrates our pride in our business and determination that it will prosper- and in doing so benefit agencies and advertisers who rely upon the expertise of production companies.

This year the focus was on the Universal Production Principles document (attached), which we launched at last year's WPS.

The document is a tool for every producers association and production company, to show in negotiations with agencies and advertisers that there are universally recognised good practices- and why- to the benefit of the process and the end product- the commercial.

Several producers/producers associations present reported that they had used the Universal Principles to help agencies and advertisers in their market understand why they should, for example have a maximum of three bids, upfront payments of 50-75%, fixed bid or cost plus (but not an amalgam of the two).

However,there is still much work to do- producers associations and production companies who have not done so yet are encouraged to spread the word, to use the document in their own country,explain it to their clients and  to translate it if necessary (and share the translated document with us). If we all shout about the Universal Principles, we have the best prospect of their becoming just that- universal principles. 

We discussed  key issues such as payment terms and in house production. For the first time some agency producers were invited so we could learn their perspective. Their view was that production companies would always be able to negotiate sensible payment terms and prosper despite in house production provided the talent that agencies and advertisers needed was available only through the production company.

We want to continue discussions in between summits and we have created a discussion forum; the CFPE Discussion Platform. It is a private forum so if you would like to participate- even just to read what others have said but hopefully to participate to a lively discussion, please click ‘join group’, your request will be approved ASAP.  

You can see photos from the WPS HERE


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Why Procurement has the wrong approach to production

APA Chief Executive Steve Davies explains why clients get the best value by analysing the ultra competitive production market to compete for their work on quality and price, ensuring their advertising realises its full potential and that the shortcuts to saving money from procurement are counterproductive. This article was first published in Campaign's "Cannes Perspectives", June 2014. 

For the full artickle, please click HERE

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New email address to RSVP for the World Producers Summit

Due to persistent technical problem with emails - if you would like to RSVP for the World Producers Summit in Cannes, please use an alternative email address. Apologies for any inconvenience.



Register for the YDA Screening in Cannes!

CFPe and Yound Director Award are proud to invite you to the award ceremony in Cannes on the 19th June 2014, to RSVP please click HERE.