Florence Jacob and James Hagger, elected to the presidency of the European Federation of Advertising Film Producers.

We are proud to announce the election of Florence Jacob as President and James Hagger as Vice-President of the CFPE. This election promotes an ambitious vision and a bold program for the European advertising production industry.

Florence Jacob and James Hagger were elected to become the new driving force unifying Europe towards achieving common objectives. The many subjects requiring in-depth European dialogue with advertisers and agencies will be at the heart of debates to defend independent producers and European directors.

The objective is to become an effective association that responds directly to members’ problems, encourages best advertising production practices in Europe, and informs all players in the sector about the defended values. 

The program developed by the duo seeks to transform the CFPE into a global lobbying force, unifying independent productions across Europe. Key objectives include negotiating contracts on a European scale, supporting initiatives related to compensation for country-specific pitches and uniting independent productions to positively impact the entire sector. The main goal is to rightfully position independent producers as artistic and financial collaborators, cultivating talent in the service of advertisers. 

Working groups have already been established at the European level to address key issues such as pitch fees, payment deadlines, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), AI and inclusiveness. Regular meetings, both virtual and physical, will be organised to strengthen the collaboration within the European countries and advertising production in general. 

Given the transformation of the advertising production market and the challenges confronting independent advertising film producers, Florence Jacob and James Hagger aim to unite European companies, forging a collective front against attacks and malpractices. The goal is to empower these companies to defend themselves with a unified voice.

Independent producers play a key role in the feasibility of the pitch process, as they finance the development of directors and the training of new production teams. These investments must be acknowledged and protected to ensure the longevity of the industry. 

The presidency and the board will work hand in hand on all subjects. The objective is to transform the association into an effective body that concretely addresses members’ problems, promotes best advertising production practices in Europe, and informs all players in the sector about the values upheld. 

Florence Jacob, the new President of the CFPE, declared: We look forward to working with all our members across Europe to protect and boost independent advertising production in Europe. The radical changes of recent years and those to come are destabilising for the global market, but we can help to make them more feasible and fairer by investing more upstream in negotiations with advertisers and agencies. Various discussions are now being held with the support of more than 900 advertising film production companies. All sizes of companies, all ways of producing, all executive producers and service production companies will be taken into account. Together, we will build a stronger; fairer, and more influential sector, thanks to our in-house producers and directors.