CFP-E is a European Federation for Commercial Film Producers. The members are the national associations representing commercial film producers. Production companies who are members of a national organisation are automatically 'associated members' of the CFP-E.


World Producers Summit 2017 and statement – Cannes Lions

This morning over 110 producers from across 34 countries gathered together at the World Producers Summit in Cannes, under the organisation of the APA, AICP & CFPE, to share knowledge of issues in the production industry. Thank you to all that attended & contributed. Resultant press release below...

Download the full press release.


The Young Directors Award 2017 call for entries is now open

The Young Directors Award call for entries is now open and runs through May 14th.

Now in its 20th year, the YDA – presented by CFP-E, Shots & now the AICP – honours directors who are just entering the advertising arena. This year’s showcase will premiere on June 22th at the Cannes Festival of Creativity. Those entering must submit one of their first four commercials / films in the category entered (i.e. animation, broadcast, etc.)

Click here to apply.



French Independent Commercial Producers' Volatile Indignation

French production companies have signed an open letter entitled “Unfair practice among France’s advertising agencies” as part of a worldwide rebellion by production companies against being bid against in-house agency production units because of the inherent unfairness of the agency both being a bidder and the judge of the winning bid (as set out in the UK APA member’s open letter, which appeared in Campaign).

See a full translation of the Stratégies article here and the Le Figaro article (French) here. Click the Stratégies image below to read the original article, "Le coup de gueule des producteurs Indepéndants". Liberté, égalité, fraternité!




Zurich Conference 2017

Our annual conference, this year in Zurich, was a great success. 

We welcome Tony Petersen as our new President who will soon begin a schedule visiting all member countries and their consituent members, and we warmly thank Francois Chilot for 20 years unwavering dedication in his Presidency. Francois will remain connected with the CFP-E as Honorary Chairman. 

One of our key decisions is the unanimous recommendation to all our respective membership that all future bid letters submitted by production companies include the following wording:

“We are submitting this bid on the basis that the Agency is soliciting bona fide competitive bids and on the understanding that to ensure a fair, legal and non-conflicted bidding process, no entity in the bidding pool, directly or indirectly, is a parent or subsidiary of the Agency nor connected to the Agency or any holding company the Agency are connected to.”

The purpose of this is to put the agency on notice that our production companies are happy to take part in a fair competition but not to have their bid used to enhance an agency in-house bid by providing creative and methodology that they can employ or to lend credibility to the agency bid. This wording is based upon wording that the AICP introduced last week for US production companies to use in their bidding letters.

The minutes will be distributed to all member associations.



Upcoming CFP-E Conference in Zurich

The next CFP-E conference is being held in Zurich on the 3rd February at the 25 Hours Hotel. The agenda is to discuss, amongst other things, each country's respective challenges, the role and future of the CFP-E, agency in-house production, Brexit, YDA 2017 and much more.

Minutes from the meeting will be circulated to the member associations and representatives the following week.



UK Production Companies Hit Out at IPA in Escalating Row - Campaign

Campaign explains today why an agency should never bid independent production companies when it is contemplating bidding its in house production department.

It does so by reporting the content of a letter to Campaign from 15 APA member companies.
As the article explains:

"The IPA has advised agencies to ‘ensure it does not use any information disclosed to it by a production company to enhance its own bid’. That is impossible to achieve in practice. A production company’s creative ideas and methodology are in its treatment and budget. It is impossible for an agency receiving those to un-know them when working on their own bid.

"It can’t be seriously suggested that an agency that wants its in-house production company to do the work is going to bid more than the independent bids it has seen. Even with the best of intentions, the process will be rigged against us and we don’t want to be part of it."

The strength of feeling on this issue was demonstrated by the most recent APA members meeting, which saw 140 APA members attend to discuss the issue at London's Courthouse Hotel.

Read the full aricle here.



First few photos from the annual World Producers Summit held this morning in Cannes

First photos from the World Producers Summit 2016 organised by the APA, the CFPE and the AICP! Thank you all for coming!

For photos, click here.


CFP-e welcomes Tony Petersen - new Executive Vice President

CFPe welcomes on board Mr. Tony Petersen as the asociation's new Executive Vice President, replacing long standing and valuable board member of the board, Mr. Manfred Vogelsänger.  

Here are some key facts about Tony - in his own words: 

'Born in postwar Stuttgart 1947 to an actress and an officer. Today a convinced Hamburg guy since over 60 years.

With no proper education apart from 6 months as a Hippie Kid travelling across the USA in 1967. Plus 1 term of sociology in 68. Assisting still photographers for 3 years. after 5 years of photo-journalism for magazines like STERN + GEO. Shooting musicians on and off stage, and giving company to a few feature film, I occasionally entered the world of moving media in marketing.

Opened my first company in 1985 and stayed managing director/executive producer ever since. Stopped producing in 2012 in order to tell young creatives how to make good commercials. Since over 3 years involved in our german producers association.

Working harder than foreseen. That’s it.'


Upcoming CFPE Conference in Palma de Mallorca

The next CFPe conference is being held in Palma de Mallorca on the 8th April, 2016 at Palma Pictures. The agenda set for the meting is to discuss the future running of the CFPe and the plan for YDA 2016. Detailed agenda and the further details have ben distributed amongst the attendees.

Minutes from the meeting will be circulated to the member associations and the representatives on w/c 11th April 2016.


YDA Proudly Partners Up with Sparknews!

The YDA and Sparknews are delighted to announce they are joining forces in the move to promote positive innovation around the world.

YDA recently launched a vital new category – ‘Changing the World Frame By Frame‘. This brand new category aims to highlight innovative and positive action undertaken in the social environment field. YDA, in their ambition to go further, has formed a partnership with the media organisation, Sparknews, founded by Christian de Boisredon.

Sparknews is a key international player on the social impact scene, actively bringing together media leaders and the people behind these very important local innovative projects. Sparknews’ primary mission is to bring to light and share these inspiring and innovative solutions – thereby helping to spark action for change through an attractive video share platform and ‘Impact Journalism Day’ an international event uniting 70 leading newspapers from 50 countries worldwide.

With this exciting new partner, YDA will perfectly complete the Spaknews media offer by adding its quality and audiovisual expertise. YDA will also working to offer young directors around the world, the possibility of discovering a local story or even if you wish – an international innovation story, capturing it on film and bringing it to a worldwide audience on Sparknews’ collaborative video platform service, as well as on our YDA website.

We call on ad agencies and brands to join us, tell us their stories and meet the young filmmakers. And so, we at YDA, are there to put you directly in contact with these directors, actors or brands – those inspired people searching for solutions in your own neighbourhood or across the seas...

Match your talent with theirs and make something important happen. Show the world what you can do !


YDA Introduces Changing The World Frame By Frame

The YDA launches an exciting new category CHANGING the WORLD FRAME BY FRAME

Created by CFP-E president and YDA chairman, François Chilot, together with BBH co-founder and co-founder of The Garage Soho, Sir John Hegarty, CHANGING THE WORLD FRAME BY FRAME aims to give filmmakers a chance to highlight positive and impactful initiatives for global social responsibility.

The YDA wants to see and share extraordinary filmic stories based around social issues which effect the world. The entries are to highlight stories that cannot be confined to a traditional advertising spot and the YDA encourages a more documentary approach. Examples of stories which filmmakers could build their film around are below, but any story which highlights social issues will be accepted.

– Education and its fundamental role in social and economic development
– Clean capitalism
– Smarter cities and more efficient use of natural resources
– Product consumption and how choices impact our health & happiness
– Learning programs that shape tomorrow’s leaders
– Waste reduction and recycling into tomorrow’s consumer products
– New career choices towards a sustainable economy
– Future technologies and how they affect societies

More on the YDA website here.
Download PDF.


2015 cfp-e/shots YDA: Call for Entries

The annual cfp-e/shots Young Director Award is a renowned (if we do say so ourselves) and established part of the Cannes Lions week. An event which has seen talented directors such as Ringan Ledwidge, Aleksander Bach and Hanna Maria Heidrich come to the fore as winners of the competition. But as with all things, it’s a case of evolve or die, and the YDA is evolving.

2015 will be its year of transition – more on which later – but fear not, there will still be a YDA event at the Cannes Lions Festival this year, and the competition is now open for entries. The list of categories and how to enter can be found here and the YDA is, as ever, looking to reward the cream of young international directing talent across a variety of platforms. The deadline for entry to this year’s competition is May 24.

This year there will be no ceremony at the Marriott hotel but a combined, if slightly curtailed, prize- giving followed by a lavish party that will take place at Long Beach, on the Croisette, on Thursday June 25 at 6.00pm.
As for the 2016 event, Francois Chilot, chairman of the YDA since its inception 17 years ago, has exclusively told shots that the time is right for the YDA to develop further.

“Over the course of this year we have been, and will continue to develop a new formula, ready for 2016,” says Chilot. “We are re-shaping the YDA using the basis of the last 17 years, not to change it, but to add to it. We will be encompassing all filmic means and platforms, apart from features, to better reflect the way that advertising itself has evolved. We want to allow the directors who enter the YDA to be able to express themselves and confront the challenges the three pillars (marketers, agencies and producers) of the communication industry faces.”

Meanwhile, the shortlist for the 2015 competition will be revealed on the YDA website, and on, week beginning June 15, with the winners being revealed week beginning June 22. Selected winner will also appear in shots magazine issue 158 and on the accompanying DVD.