CFP-E is a European federation for commercial film producers. The members are the national associations representing commercial film producers. Production companies who are members of a national organisation are automatically 'associated members'
of the CFP-E.

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To promote the value that production companies bring to agencies and advertisers and safeguard the future of production companies.

Objectives to achieve that goal

1 – Promote understanding of the value that producers and production companies bring, as discoverers, nurtures and managers of directing talent, creatively in ensuring the idea is realised to its full potential and in the management and assumption of risk.

2 – Promote business structures which provide production companies with the opportunity to prosper, to the benefit of advertisers and agencies.

3 – Share information about threats and opportunities between associations and, through them, with their members, the production companies of Europe.


The Universal Principles of Engagement is a document we have created in partnership with the APA and the American producers association, the AICP, which has now been endorsed by producers associations around the world - see the document for the full list, which includes every CFP-E member association and the producers associations of Latin America and India. The document has been launched in June 2013 in Cannes at the annual World Producers Summit.

The Universal Principles document is of practical use to all European production companies and to every CFP-E association in assisting them. They show that in seeking to contract in writing, ensure that a substantial part of the budget - 50% to 75%- is paid up front to meet a significant part of the expenditure the production company is making to create the commercial and clear and fair cancellation provisions etc are recognised as being part of the foundation of good commercials production and, in doing so, are an aid in persuading an agency or advertiser that they should contract on that basis.

We believe that working to the Universal Principles is to the benefit of agencies and advertisers, as well as production companies, because having clarity as to what is being produced and having a clear and fair contractual framework is the best foundation for the production of the commercial which best realises the advertisers objectives.


PRESIDENT: Tony Petersen (Werbefilmproduzenten, Germany)

HONORARY CHAIRMAN: Francois Chilot (Les Producers, France)

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT: Steve Davies (Advertising Producers Association, UK) 

VICE PRESIDENTS: Rudi Haller (Haller Film, Switzerland), Mikis Modiano (Modiano TV, Greece), Ender Sevim (Depo Film, Turkey)

BOARD MEMBERS: Indre Petrukaitiene (Grandma, Lithuania), Vuk Marjanovic (Cyber Entertainment, Serbia), Jan Kallista (AdWood, Czech Republic)

REPRESENTATIVES (nominated through their local associations): Axl Newrkla (Wiener Klappe Filmproduction, Austria), Monique Gerritsen (CFP Belgium), Klaus Hansen (Danish Producers Association), Alexis Bensa (MoonWalk Films, France), Anne Marie Curran (Commercial Producers Ireland), Luca Fanfani (Mercurio Film, Italy), Sofia Barros (Associação Portuguesa de Produtores de Filmes de Publicidade, Portugal), Giuliano Doman (Family Film, Romania), Chad Muserlian (The Brownie Film Company, Spain), Cornelia Opitz (FLX, Sweden)

MANAGER: Martin Poyner (Advertising Producers Association, UK)


The CFP-E is now administered from London, through the APA and your first point of contacts should be APA Chief Executive / CFP-E Executive Vice President Steve Davies or APA Member Services Manager / CFP-E Manager Martin Poyner alongside the CFP-E President Tony Petersen.

The Young Director Award, which the CFP-E supports, is run now from Paris by Les Producers and your first point of contact for the YDA is YDA President Francois Chilot.