Paris meeting agrees new CFPE strategies

Following the publication of the CFPE survey (article below) and the identification of the goal and strategies that will take the CFPE forward (see About), we had virtually every European country making up the CFPE represented for our special meeting in Paris to discuss how to implement the survey findings.

Present were:

Francois Chilot
Steve Davies
Manfred Vogelsanger
Mikis Modiano
Rudi Haller
Ender Sevim
Ari Laitinen
jan Kallista
Indre Petrukaitiene
Vuk Marjanovic
Bea Catteeuw
Tatianna Pierre
Alexis Bensa
Chad Muserlian
Monique Gerritsen

To ensure the CFPE achieves its goal, we have a range of strategies but the key is active involvement by all associations. To achieve that every CFPE association will involve itself in an online forum, either using the existing Facebook page or if there is sufficient demand a bespoke forum, to enable CFPE association and the production companies that are their members to discuss production issues. To join CFP-e Discussion Forum, please send your Facebook request by following this link.

We will also develop an online showcase for the best commercials from around Europe, again focussing on a simple but effective means of showcasing them, which could be via the CFPE Facebook page or some other means.

Photo by John Towner on Unsplash